Chess – The Game of Kings – is the game that can offer many advantages over and above simply learning the moves. Chess is well known to enhance academic results, strategic thinking, problem solving, healthy competition and self-esteem if taught in a structured manner. We at Positive Chess want to help you grow and hope to be a part of your learning experience!

With over forty years of combined training experience, our Positive Chess team has provided professional and engaging chess service to schools, groups and individuals.

Ramdake Lewis

Veteran teacher and coach, Ramdake Lewis is a USCF National Chess Life Master.  From summer chess camps to school chess clubs Ramdake’s ability to help and mentor is unprecedented. He also coaches individuals who have a hunger to excel in chess.

Positive Chess offers private chess lessons taught by experienced chess coaches that have passed our private lesson training program. We also offer group lessons, private events, simuls and much more.