Fantastic News..   Positive Chess has partnered with Game on Fitness.   Our Active Party Chess Plus Summer Camp will have the  amazing fitness  coach Amy Smith leading our afternoon Session with the Agility and Dance.   Her experience and expertise are an amazing addition to our summer program.  We are very excited to be working with Amy.    Check out Game On Fitness’s website and facebook page for more details on the wonderful services they offer.  
Ideas to help your child discover the joy of chess We all know that teaching chess to little kids can be very tricky. People who tried teaching their six or seven year olds will know how the experience can either be a cherishable memory or a slow torture you somehow want to survive, especially with a group of naughty kids. The way the pendulum swings depends on how much you understand them and what your
Looking for a good reason to send your child to a Chess Summer Camp?  Check out this article from Benefits of Playing Chess with Your Kids 1. Chess helps you Concentrate It’s a reasonably long and involved game. My kids love it so much, they get so involved. You can see the gears whirring, the clogs ticking. The brain being exercised. 2.Chess Develops Problems Solving Skills What happens if you put your pawn there? Is
The way people playchess gives us insights into their personality. Chess is one of the oldest games in history. Played by everyone from ancient kings to today’s online players, the game is enjoyed by millions. Countries like Russia have always viewed chess as a way to show intelligence, while others have used it as a way to bring people together. A game that stands for history and genius, there is much to learn from people
Top grandmasters Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Anish Giri of the Netherlands today joined forces in a video posted on Carlsen’s Twitter account as part of a United Nations campaign against racism. For once, they broke the rule in chess that White begins. It all started on Tuesday evening with a slightly mysterious tweet and Facebook post from Carlsen. The world’s number-one chess player appears together with world number-four Giri, in front of a dark background that some insiders
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