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Chess Plus Summer Camp – Fantastic

Chess Plus Summer Camp was Fantastic.

Getting to know all the Scholars was a treat!  The kids learned so much and built new friendships.

First Week was Chess Plus Engineering which was Amazing. 

Our Morning Sessions was great with kid learning and playing chess. We started with evaluations (the scholars played the coaches) and then we taught simple game opening principles and ended with a fun yet intense tournament.

Our Afternoon sessions was packed with lots of fun.  The campers will be broken up into groups of 3 to 4 and had a blast with robotic creations, mechanical contraptions, circuit building, electronics, legos and much more.


Second Week was Chess Plus Wicked Fun which was an educational party. 

Morning Session was same as first week with the exemption of returning kids moving up to higher skill level groups.

Afternoon session was Wicked Fun! Enough said? After an amazing morning of intellectually and stimulating growth with chess activities our camper will be ready to have different fun! The afternoon session will have movies, Lego derby, family fun games (Giant Jenga, Zeus on the loose, Sleeping Queens, Mexican Train, Dominoes and more) and RC vehicles racing.  Was great to see all the new friendships that were built.


Third Week was Chess Plus Fun Fitness which was an energizing. 

Morning Session was same as first/Second week again with the exemption of returning kids moving up to higher skill level groups.

Afternoon session was Active Party? Fun Fitness? Sweet Sweat? Doesn’t matter what we called it the one thing that was certain is that the scholars went home energized and wanting more! Our afternoon session featured the talented Amy Smith from Game On Fitness leading our campers in fun Activities. Our camper had Dance (hip hop/salsa),  Zumba, Agility training, Basketball and other fun activities ending with our finale Fortnite dance off.


Check out a few picture below! 

Next year will be even better!

  • Chess plus Fun Fitness - Dance Routine Pose!